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Cows Crash Party, Help Themselves To Beer In Boxford

BOXFORD (CBS) - Boxford police had their hands full chasing some hard-partying cows Sunday night, according to police.

Police Chief Michael Murphy passed along pictures from the incident that began when officers were called to Main Street for an animal complaint.

They arrived to find six cows crashing a party in a neighborhood backyard.

According to a report, officers said about a dozen young adults had been drinking beer at a picnic table when the cows showed up.

"I could hear them [the partygoers] screaming in the backyard and I hoped they weren't getting trampled," Lt. James Riter told WickedLocal Boxford.

The cows decided to help themselves to the Miller Lite and Bud Lite that the frightened, but uninjured partygoers left behind.

Boxford Cows
(Photo Credit: Boxford Police)

"I saw one cow drinking the beer on its way down as it spilled off the table," Lt. Riter reportedly said. "Some of the cows were also picking through the empties in the recycling bin… They just went in and helped themselves."

The cows' owner showed up and helped herd them back to the field from where they escaped.

"They really didn't want to leave," the owner said.

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