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Did Cutting Unemployment Benefits In New Hampshire Ease The Worker Shortage?

CONCORD, N.H. (CBS) -- The extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits are about to expire in Massachusetts. Many wonder if that will help the worker shortage.

In New Hampshire, the benefits ended in June, but that hasn't had much of an impact on the need for workers.

Stephanie McKay runs a Facebook group for people looking for jobs in New Hampshire. There are 4,500 members.

"We have a lot of single parents who can't work in the service industry," McKay told WBZ-TV.

Even though there are jobs available in the service industry, not everyone can take one of those because of child care and health issues.

"There are jobs out there, but those jobs don't suit everybody," said McKay.

The federal government is doing away with the pandemic assistance program in four days. In Massachusetts alone, more than 350,000 people are getting some kind of assistance.

Amanda Corkum lives near Worcester and is unemployed. Her husband works as a contractor and they have five children. Now they'll be losing $565 a week.

"Finding a job that works with multiple kids or having any children really is difficult," she said.


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