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Couple Rushes To Fallen Auburn Officer's Side After Shooting

AUBURN (CBS) -- Tammy Lemieux and her husband were the first ones to help fallen Auburn police officer Ronald Tarentino moments after he was shot during a traffic stop.

"I held him, I tried to keep him calm," Lemieux said, fighting back tears.

They heard gunshots from across Rochdale Street and then the cries for help.

"We heard 'help, officer down, officer down,'" she said.

Officer Ronald Tarentino
Officer Ronald Tarentino. (Photo credit: Auburn Police Department)

There was no sign of anyone but the officer. The couple ran over with towels. Lemieux says Officer Tarentino was shot in the lower back. More officers arrived within minutes.

"My husband held his head up, and the towel, and rolled him with the other officer to check the wound," said Lemieux

Lemieux never met Officer Tarentino. She had police place an angel figurine close to where she clutched his hand.

Police set up a memorial where Officer Ronald Tarentino was killed. (WBZ)

"I hope he rests in peace knowing he wasn't alone, that me and my husband were with him, and I want him to be at peace and his family to be at peace knowing he wasn't alone," Lemieux said.

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