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Coronavirus Separation: Grandparents Missing New Babies Born During Pandemic

BOSTON (CBS) -- Danielle Kearney just became a mom three weeks ago. She never imagined having to introduce her newborn baby to his grandparents through a window.

"It's really hard. My parents live close by and have come to the back deck a few times to see him through the window," Kearney said. "I think they're just really eager to get to meet him officially."

Physical distancing is the best protection against the coronavirus, especially for people like Diane Dalphond who is in the at-risk age group and has underlying health issues. But, social distancing means she can't see her grandchildren.

"I can't hug them or squeeze their little cheeks. That's just really hard," Dalphond said.

It's also tough on her daughter, who is a new mom.

"In the first year of parenting I think you lean on the people around you a lot," said Brittany Dalphond. "Not being able to call them and have them here and sometimes you just need a hug. I miss being able to do that."

In Somerville, Maureen Foster's granddaughter lives one floor below. Her grandson lives just a couple of blocks away. She never thought they would have to rely on technology to stay in touch.

"It's surreal. It really is. We've never gone through anything like this before," Foster said.

Another challenge during this strange time: learning how to use Zoom, FaceTime and Google Duo. Even so, locals say they are thankful these technologies do exist.

"It helps tremendously. If we didn't have that you would really feel isolated," Foster said.

For now, the drive-by hellos, waves from the window and video chats will have to do.

"We can handle this if it means in the long run we get to hug and kiss and go to all the family parties and play games," Brittany Dalphond said.

And those hugs and kisses will be sweeter than ever before.

"It'll be the highlight of my year, of my life probably, when I get to hug and snuggle them again," Diane Dalphond said.

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