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Keller @ Large: Liz Walker Says Impact Of Coronavirus 'Devastating' In Roxbury

ROXBURY (CBS) – Coronavirus has had a large impact on communities of color. In Massachusetts, Roxbury is no exception.

Data released by the City of Boston shows that the black population in the city, about 25% of the population, makes up about 40% of coronavirus cases. Statistics show the Latino population is suffering from higher infection rates as well.

Political analyst Jon Keller talked to Liz Walker, former WBZ-TV anchor and current senior pastor at Roxbury Presbyterian Church. Walker said in her church community "everybody knows somebody who is suffering from this."

Keller @ Large: Part 2


Walker said inequities to access to healthcare and other resources leads to the disparity.

"It is devastating in our community," Walker sad. "I hope and pray that this will be a turning point or a game-changer. Some of these inequities have been around since America was started. So we have to figure out how to make the playing field more level. People in my community are really suffering."

Walker said in challenging times such as these, many people turn to faith.

"It's challenged us and it's strengthened us. The big issue for people of faith is what's going on. We're trying to figure out what's God saying? What does this mean spiritually? To some extent it's a frightening experience. But faith is a step in the dark. This is darkness," Walker said. "We are in a valley of no control right now. All you can control is how you move through the valley."

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