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Conflicting Reports On Tom Brady's Move To Greenwich: 'They Don't Have A House In Connecticut'

BOSTON (CBS) -- On Tuesday morning, it was reported that Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen and their children had moved out of Brookline and moved into their new home in Greenwich, Connecticut. By Tuesday evening, that report was refuted.

This may be a common theme over the coming weeks and months, as every bit of Brady's life is examined and scrutinized during this time of contractual uncertainty.

In the case of the Greenwich home, NBC Sports Boston's Tom E. Curran reported that Brady does not own any house in Connecticut.

"They don't have a house in Connecticut. That's it," Curran said on Boston Sports Tonight. "They don't have one. They don't have a house in Connecticut."

Reports initially surfaced in November that Brady and Bunchden had purchased a home in Greenwich. Curran said he had learned in recent weeks that these reports were untrue, but given the state of all Patriots matters, the new development never made its way into the news cycle.

Curran said he made sure that it wasn't a matter of semantics, that there was no property owned at all by Brady in Greenwich.

"To just do a little bit more, that's not what's going on," Curran said. "So we're talking about something that hasn't happened. Doesn't mean he's not going someplace else. Doesn't mean his house isn't on the market. Doesn't mean he hasn't divested himself from his Best Buddies activities, or any of the reporting that we've done. But just to stay solid on the reporting as we go through this, they don't have a house in Connecticut."

Curran was refuting a report from WEEI' host Greg Hill, who said Tuesday morning that the Brady family moved out of their Brookline home and into their new Greenwich home. Hill also reported that Brady's suite at Gillette Stadium was cleaned out "in a way that perhaps it has never been cleaned out before." Even that report now has had a conflicting report, too.

Both Brady and Bundchen posted to their Instagram stories on Tuesday afternoon, indicating that they were still in Boston.

Long story short, it appears as though a whole lot of Brady speculation and reporting and refuting is in store, for as long as he remains unsigned by the Patriots. With free agency beginning on March 18, the whole saga could extend for two more months, if the Patriots and Brady don't reach agreement on a new deal before then.

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