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'We Were So Scared': Storm Knocks Out Power, Brings Down Trees In Concord

CONCORD (CBS) - Concord residents were relieved to see cleanup crews taking away fallen trees and repairing power lines Thursday, a day after a storm left thousands of homes and businesses in the dark across the state.

Strong winds brought down one of the biggest trees on Laws Brooks Road.

"Really crazy," resident Chu Sun told WBZ-TV. "We were so scared."

"I heard a big thunder sound. And then there's like a lightning flashing, and then we hear a big, big bang sound," he said. "Then down the street, like two minutes later, we hear a big cracking sound. The power lines keep firing for like 20 minutes, at least.

Neighbors found themselves waking up Thursday without their electricity. Some homes were damaged.

"My house is still out of power, and I'm down here to see if I can guess how soon power will be restored to my neighborhood," said resident Gordon Brockway.

"We called 911, five minutes, nobody answered. Later on, the police officer arrived. I talked to him, and he said 911 was flooded. They had another incident before this one," said Sun.

Fallen Trees in Concord
A damaged home in Concord after Wednesday's storm (WBZ-TV).

Thankfully, no one in Concord was hurt.

The police and fire departments are sending out several reminders on social media that people should stay away from any power lines that are down.

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