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Cole: 'Good Chance Patriots Keep Revis, Even At $25 Million Cap Hit In 2015'

BOSTON (CBS) - Jason Cole of Bleacher Report joined 98.5 The Sports Hub's Felger & Massarotti show on Radio Row Thursday afternoon in Phoenix to discuss the contract situation with Darrelle Revis, as well as his prediction on the Super Bowl XLIX between the Patriots and Seahawks.

Revis signed a two-year deal with the Patriots last March, with the second year added to help soften the blow and make the 2014 cap figure more tolerable.

Revis earned $12 million for the 2014 season ($7 million cap hit), but the second year is when things get tricky. It's a team option that must be picked up before the end of the 2014 league year, and will pay Revis $20 million for 2015 with a cap hit of $25 million. (Confused? You can read the full contract breakdown here)

"There is a pretty good chance that they might actually keep him, even at the $25 million [cap hit]," said Cole. "They're thinking very long and hard about whether they're going to do that."

However, if Revis and the Patriots are not able to negotiate on an extension, the Patriots may have competition to sign Revis.

"[Patriots and Revis] haven't quite gotten to the point where they can figure out a long term deal, and I think there's a lot of concern on the Patriots part that the interest from the Jets is real. So you let him go, the Jets pilfer him back, and you lose the most vital defender you've had since Ty Law," Cole told Felger & Mazz.

If the Patriots do bring Darrelle Revis back at $25 million, is that a last resort or a leverage point? Felger thinks it's the latter, and Cole happens to agree.

"I think it's a leverage point, partially. But I would also say this: if you're telling Darrelle Revis he's going to make $20 million for one year, he's good. He's looking at this saying, 'Wow this is really terrible for me. This is awful making $20 million,'" said a sarcastic Cole.

If the Patriots were to win Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, they may be in the discussion as being the best franchise -- certainly the best dynasty -- in the history of the NFL. However, according to Cole, Spygate and DeflateGate hinder the chances of people accepting that fact.

"There is a lot mentally riding on this game for the Patriots. There is a lot of legacy issues. Because of the salary cap, this has the potential to be the best run ever. This is not supposed to happen. Teams are supposed to equal out," Cole said.

Predictions for Super Bowl XLIX have been all over the place. Overall though, Cole likes Seattle to win this game.

"They are more physically gifted. They have five game changing players, three defensive backs with [Earl] Thomas, [Richard] Sherman, and [Kam] Chancellor, as well as [Russell] Wilson and [Marshawn] Lynch in the backfield for the offense. The Patriots only have [Rob] Gronkowski, Revis, and [Tom] Brady," Cole told Felger & Mazz.

Ironically, Cole doesn't see a player as the most important person for this game.

"To me, the most important person this week is Josh McDaniels," said Cole.

"McDaniels has to really come up with a great game plan to beat those guys with Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell, and make sure Gronkowski can get through the linebackers, then Chancellor, and then Thomas over the top," Cole told Felger & Mazz.

You've got to figure if Darrelle Revis plays well on Sunday, and he's a major reason why the Patriots win, then he's done more than enough to warrant a contract extension with the Patriots.

Listen below for full discussion:

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