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Frigid Weekend Temperatures Dangerous For Pets, MSPCA Warns

BOSTON (CBS) – When dangerously cold temperatures hit New England this weekend, it isn't just humans who will be at risk.

Pets owners are encouraged to take precautions for their animals this weekends as temperatures will feel like as low as -20 to -35 degrees.

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The MSPCA's tips including keeping pets warm and indoors during frigid conditions. Any trips outside with dogs should be kept short.

"Lengthy walks can prove harmful, especially when wind chill is a factor," the MSPCA says.

Shorthaired dogs should be dressed in protective clothing during freezing weather.

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When dogs come inside from a trip into the yard, the MSPCA recommends owners wipe animals' foot pads and stomach fur with a damp towel.

The Humane Society also says drivers should be careful about wildlife in their engine compartment.

Warm engines in parked cars attract cats and other small animals that may crawl under the hood of vehicles.

Drivers are encouraged to bang on their car's hood before starting the ignition to scare away any animals that may be inside.

For more tips on keeping pets safe in the cold weather, visit the Humane Society and MSPCA websites.

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