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Cody Rhodes Opens Up About Being The Biggest Free Agent In Wrestling

BOSTON (CBS) -- Cody Rhodes -- The American Nightmare -- is the hottest free agent in professional wrestling and he's challenging Christoper Daniels on Friday night for the Ring of Honor World Championship.

Rhodes took some time to talk to Felger & Mazz executive producer James Stewart about the upcoming match.

"Christopher Daniels is one of those that I give all the credit in the world to. With that said though, I'll have to also say that I think Christopher Daniels' world title run is 20 years too late. And I hate to be the one, but there's always a spoiler," Rhodes said. "He's somebody that's so, so good at wrestling. But the thing I like to be good at is everything."

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes (Photo by Ring Of Honor/George Tahinos)

James also talked with Rhodes about interacting with the Bullet Club, forecasting the Okada vs. Kenny Omega match, and challenging Okada for the IWGP Championship on July 1.

James shared a personal story of how Cody Rhodes interacts with fans at local shows including Northeast Wrestling.

Finally, James asked what Cody's response is to when someone asks him, "Is wrestling real?"

"I always say 100 percent," Rhodes answered. "The way I say it when I say 100 percent is usually intended, if people are looking in my eyes when they ask the question, usually they know [to think], 'I don't want to ask any further.' But if they do ask, I tell them why it's 100 percent real. I'd know better than anyone, I grew up in the industry. What we do in the ring, the guy on top -- in this case it's Christopher Daniels -- makes the most money. He's the one who flies first class while the rest of the boys are in coach. He's the one who does all the personal appearances and throws out the first pitches. He's the one that the brand takes everywhere with them to sell their brand. That's very real. That is a real thing. So when you're a champion, it's as real as anything in sports, to quote my own dad. That's the prestige.

"You can look at wrestling however you want. You can look at it like the Academy Award when somebody gets the nod for Best Actor or Best Picture. That's real. I don't know how else really to put it."

"Best in the World" presented by Ring of Honor will take place live at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium on Friday, June 23. Tickets are available at Fans can also order the PPV at and the Fite app.


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