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Chris Simms On Toucher & Rich: Tom Brady Is Still Not A Top-5 Quarterback

BOSTON (CBS) -- Chris Simms wants to please everybody. He keeps saying how much he loves Tom Brady and New England while completely trolling everyone. You may think he's backed off his "Brady is not a top-five quarterback" take after the Patriots quarterback won his fourth Super Bowl with an MVP performance - and, in Simms' own words, just had one of his best seasons in the past few years - but he has not.

Chris Simms STILL doesn't have Brady in his top-five. And as he argued on 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher & Rich Thursday morning, it sounds like he's basing his argument solely on age.

"Realistically, no, he's not [a top-five QB]," Simms said on Brady. "He's still really awesome, you certainly can win a Super Bowl ... He's one of the three greatest quarterbacks of all time, but they pay me to evaluate football. I'm a realistic person. To say that Tom Brady is still one of the five best quarterbacks at 39 years old is a little crazy. It would be like saying Kobe Bryant's still one of the five best players in the NBA."

Simms listed Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, and Ben Roethlisberger as his top-five QBs. Rich pressed him on picking Luck over Brady, even though the Colts QB struggled in 2015 and has yet to come close to the heights of Brady's career.

"I think [Luck] has more of a dangerous skill set," said Simms. "He's a better athlete. He can make more plays through those avenues."

Simms continues to try to play both sides as he gushes over how much he loves Brady and the Patriots while simultaneously twisting the knife.

"Listen, I know everybody up there thinks I'm a Tom Brady hater. I actually love Tom Brady, that's the crazy thing," he said. "I'm just not going to bow down to the normal rhetoric just because it's Tom Brady."

He compared his argument to people who tried telling him Peyton Manning was still a top-eight QB in the league last season. The big difference there is, Manning had clearly dropped off physically, while Brady has yet to show any significant decline in his game. It could happen within the next season or two, but Simms is downgrading Brady for things that haven't happened yet just because he happens to be 39 years old.

"I do think as a sports fan, communities, all of us, people have a hard time putting these fairy tale endings to bed. Mickey Mouse isn't real," said Simms. "No, Tom Brady is still not one of the five best quarterbacks in football at 39 years old. He's awesome, you can win a Super Bowl, there's no doubt about it, but I do think those other guys are more talented and more dangerous than he is at this point of his career."

It's likely Simms will just keep arguing this point until it actually makes sense. Until then, he's making a great effort to be King of the Trolls for New England fans.

Listen to the full interview below:

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