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2 Workers Rescued In Chinatown After Scaffolding Malfunction Leaves Them Dangling

BOSTON (CBS) – Two workers were rescued after a scaffolding collapse left them dangling 12 stories above the ground in Boston's Chinatown neighborhood Thursday morning.

It happened around 11 a.m. on Harrison Ave.

The workers were high off the ground on scaffolding attached to a 14-story building when the equipment malfunctioned.

Both workers were safely rescued by a Boston Fire Department technical rescue unit.

"One of the workers was dangling literally off one rope. Nothing underneath him," said Boston Fire Captain Jonathan Hernandez. "We actually were able to open an apartment window and get him inside fairly quickly. The other worker we had to break it to bring him inside."

A window washer is rescued in Chinatown. (Image Credit: Andres Mateo)

The rescue was involved, but took just minutes.

"In the end everything turned out well," Hernandez said. "They were both safe, they were both wearing their equipment properly and that's really what saved them."

The workers were checked out by EMS but neither was hurt.

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