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CBS Adds "Doubt" To Mid-Season Schedule

Brace yourselves this February for the season's sexiest new drama, Doubt. Things are heating up in the courtroom on Wednesdays, starting February 15th at 10/9c, as we follow the journey of a New York legal firm's finest group of lawyers. This groundbreaking drama will push the envelope with an all-star diverse cast of beautifully flawed characters with one common factor...passion! They're crazy about justice, passionate about defending the innocent and willing to risk it all.

Leading the firm is the "legal lion" Isaiah Roth, played by Elliott Gould, whose idealistic belief in the inherent good of mankind inevitably leads him to the rebellious Sadie Ellis, played by Katherine Heigl. Not afraid of getting her dress dirty, Ellis has developed a reputation for taking on risky cases. Enter Billy Brennan, an altruistic pediatrician, who finds himself facing conviction for the first degree murder of his former girlfriend, Amy Meyers, killed 24 years ago.

Ms. Ellis quickly finds herself charting unfamiliar waters where more than just her reputation is at stake. What seemed like a routine case quickly evolves into a production that has this thriving law firm's most reputable lawyer second guessing herself. The pressure is on for Ellis to keep her composure as she struggles to maintain a grasp on who she is, who she wants to be and who she should be. Proving that even the most distinguished personas aren't without reasonable doubt. To stay on track she'll need help from her pragmatic partner Albert Cobb, played by Dulé Hill. Cobb's passion for upholding the law and protecting innocence is the glue that makes this dynamic duo stick together. But when things start to go off the rails, even Ellis' closest allies find themselves wondering if the evidence may not be the only tainted factor in this equation.

All bets are off when things start to get personal. Just ask fellow colleague Cameron Wirth, played by Laverne Cox, who has faced her fair share of injustice both in and outside the courtroom. Fortunately, her new partner, second-year associate Tiffany Simon, will bring more than just a fresh pair of eyes to the stand. Together this team will shatter more than just boundaries as they fight for what's right. As William Shakespeare once said, "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

A storm is approaching for New York's best attorneys, tensions will be at an all-time high while diplomacy is left at the door. Arguments will be made, alliances will be tested and reputations will be put on the line, who will be left standing when the truth comes out? Tune in Wednesdays at 10/9c to watch as the proceedings unfold, only on CBS.


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