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Carrabis Fires Back: 'I Question Dave Dombrowski's Credibility Right Back'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski has dismissed the possibility of Jared Carrabis of Barstool Sports of having any credibility.

Carrabis, as one might imagine, disagrees.

After Dombrowski denied Carrabis' report which said that some Red Sox coaches approached manager John Farrell to express disagreement with Farrell's overuse of closer Craig Kimbrel. Despite the fact that Farrell said he talks to his coaches every day about the players on his roster, Dombrowski came out and denied any such disagreement ever existing.

Dombrowski also called the report a "false comment" and said that Barstool Sports did not have a lot of credibility.

On Thursday morning on Toucher & Rich (with Marc Bertrand and Hardy filling in), Carrabis responded.

"Remember when Dave Dombrowski -- I think it was in May, maybe late April, when he was asked about Jackie Bradley Jr.'s health situation -- he was like, 'Yeah, I think this is definitely going to be a situation where he can avoid the disabled list.' And he was on the disabled list the next day," Carrabis said.

Sure enough, Dombrowski said on April 9 that "there was nothing on Jackie's MRI that indicated a need to go on the disabled list." Bradley was placed on the disabled list on April 10.

"So, I mean, I question Dave Dombrowski's credibility right back," Carrabis continued. "This is a guy that, he's only been here since [August 2015], and he's made some questionable decisions. He's made some good ones, too. But I don't think that he's in a position to question the credibility of the stuff that I've put out there.

"I counter you, Dave Dombrowski. Tell me what I've put out there that I've been wrong about. I've been wrong about predictions -- I said that the Red Sox were going to beat the Indians. I'm talking about actual, factual reports. Tell me what I've been wrong about. You can't do it."


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