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'My Life Was Worth More Than My Car,' Says Nashua, NH Carjacking Victim

NASHUA, N.H. (CBS) -- Police say 31-year-old Jonathan Calvin led police on a high-speed chase, but crashed the stolen car he was driving and started a several-vehicle crash on Route 3 in Nashua.

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Nashua Crash
A carjacking suspect crashed into 8 cars on the Everett Turnpike (Photo credit: New Hampshire State Police)

Investigators said Calvin created an eight-car pile-up.

Jonathan Calvin
Jonathan Calvin (WBZ-TV)

20-year-old Nashua resident Olivia Smith saw it all, and stopped to see if someone needed help. It was then that Calvin tried to carjack her car.

Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith (WBZ-TV)

"He climbed on top of me, and was basically beating me up, so I started throwing punches," she told WBZ-TV. "He pulled a knife, and was trying to stab my face and stomach, so I just kept swinging at him."

Calvin managed to get all the way in her car, and stabbed her in the calf, she says. That's when the student decided to flee.

"I figured my life was worth more than my car," Smith said.

He didn't get far before crashing Smith's Volvo, and Calvin was then was taken into custody by police.

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