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Campaigning In NH, Bachmann Focuses On Economy

RAYMOND, N.H. (CBS) - Michele Bachmann made her opening pitch to the people of New Hampshire in a backyard in Raymond, New Hampshire.

She told the crowd of about 250 about her modest upbringing, and her goals: "My number one and first focus will be on turning the economy around. That is job one. And you do it by doing exactly the opposite of the Obama administration."

She described herself as a tax attorney, wife, mother, and Congresswoman who will stand up for her beliefs, no matter what the opposition: "I believe in principle over party, that's what comes first."

She joked with the crowd about not bringing teleprompters for her speech.

WBZ-TV's Karen Anderson reports.

"President Bachmann will be banning teleprompters from the White House… You'll be getting uncut, uncensored from the White House because that's what the American people deserve," said Bachmann.

Bachmann has come under fire recently for several inaccurate statements she's made. I asked Bachmann if she thinks the questions about her misstatements are unfair.

"I wish I could state everything perfectly all the time, but I don't and I think people understand that sometimes you misspeak. But this is an election about big issues and big things," said Bachmann.

A closer look at Bachmann's record shows that in her three terms in Congress, none of the bills she has sponsored have passed.

"Nancy Pelosi had no interest in making sure my bills which were to cut government spending and reduce waste and grow the private sector, Nancy Pelosi had no interest in those bills. So it's not a shock my legislation wouldn't make it onto the floor."

But, what about now that Pelosi isn't the Speaker and her party is in power?

"Well we have a significant piece of legislation that I do think we'll be able to get through now that we're in the majority," said Bachmann.

She says that is an unfinished bridge bill which does not rely on federal funds.

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