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Call 4 Action Team Helps Man Get Refund From LinkedIn After ID Theft

BOSTON (CBS) -- Lots of companies are now doing business strictly online. And that can make it challenging to find an actual person to help with a consumer issue. That was the case for Greg Vine.

He is a part-time correspondent at his local paper. "I guess you could say I'm semi-retired." And he's not looking for work. So, the last thing he expected to a see was a $63 charge on his checking account from the networking site LinkedIn. "That's the thing, I'm not on LinkedIn."

Greg Vine
Greg Vine called the Call 4 Action team (WBZ-TV)

Turns out Greg was a victim of identity theft. Someone name Stephan had stolen his checking information and used it to open an account on the website. Greg made some calls and checked online but was unable to connect with anyone at LinkedIn who could help. "I don't care how big or how small they are you should have a direct link to customer service," explained Greg.

So, Greg got in touch with the iTeam's Call 4 Action. When we reached out to LinkedIn the company pointed out this online form where consumers can file a complaint and this one for other consumer issues. "It almost sounds like its designed to discourage people from pursuing problems," said Greg.

LinkedIn Help Page (WBZ-TV)

Then Greg got a call from LinkedIn. "They pointed out that there had been 8 withdrawals of $63 and some odd cents from my account."  The company had discovered the fraudulent charges had been going on for months. The very next day LinkedIn refunded Greg more than $500. "To have that pop back into my checking account certainly was helpful."

If you're getting nowhere with a consumer problem let us know. Call  617-787-7070 or send an email to

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