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Cab driver threatened with hammer, spit on by teens at MBTA station

Cab driver threatened with hammer, spit on by teens at MBTA station
Cab driver threatened with hammer, spit on by teens at MBTA station 02:41

BOSTON - Transit Police have arrested a 16-year-old female and 14-year-old male and charged them with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon after an attack on an off-duty cab driver Thursday night. 

Herode Limege tells WBZ-TV he was waiting in his cab to pick up his daughter at JFK/UMASS Red Line station when several teens suddenly approached making demands for a ride.  "They said taxi and I said no I'm not here for you guys I'm here to pick up my daughter," said Limege. 

He was sitting in his car as they started swearing and using a racial slur.  He says one of them, the 16-year-old, approached taking out a hammer just as started to put down his window.  "She pulled the hammer out and says she's going to smash my face," Limege said. "I tried to defend myself and tried to see if I could find something in my car." 

He got out and says that's when they spit on him. The incident happened just after Transit Police say the teens had kicked and damaged windows on some Red Line trains. 

Herode Limege says he didn't want things to escalate. "If I react the same way they do it's going to be worse, there's going to be a smack down," Limege said. 

It's another in a series of violent incidents involving teens on the MBTA.  This week four juveniles were charged after allegedly attacking a 20-year-old man outside South Station and beating him unconscious.  On the Orange Line several trains were vandalized causing delays. Last month several juveniles attacked two men demanding money outside Shawmut Station. 

There are also several reports of teens hijacking the public address system on some trains using offensive language.  In his case Limege didn't know if the teens were armed with more than a hammer.  "I controlled myself and not fight with them," he said. 

Riders on the MBTA say it is a cause for concern. "I don't know what's leading the kids to end up making these decisions.  Everyone having a rough time right now.  I hope they get the support they need," said rider Steve Brown. 

Limege is back behind the wheel frustrated about what he believes are out of control teens.  "There are probably parents who don't control the kids," Limege said. "They go in the street and do whatever they want."  

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