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Buy or Sell: Will Scarnecchia Fix Everything On Patriots' Offensive Line?

BOSTON (CBS) -- Adam Jones had a full show on Monday night, so it was time to play a little "Buy or Sell" on The Game Of Jones.

Rich Keefe hit Jones with the following topics, ranging from Super Bowl 50 to the Celtics' playoff chances:

Buy or Sell: Peyton Manning as a Top 3 quarterback all-time

"I do sell it, but I think you can argue that," said Jones. "There isn't much merit to Manning over Tom Brady or Manning over Joe Montana. But Manning over John Elway is a debate. I would sell the idea [Manning] is Top 3; I would have Elway third. I think Elway is similar to Manning in that he went a long time without winning, came back and won a couple after changing what he did over the course of his career. He became more of a game manager, not as much as Manning this go-around, but his defense and his running game helped him win."

Buy or Sell: The media cares more about Cam Newton's postgame press conference than his teammates

"I definitely buy that. We in the media are fixated on how we're treated. When Bill Belichick shuns or stiffs the media after the loss, I think it looks horrible. You just can't go up there and pat yourself on the back when you win and not face the music when you lose. That's not the right approach or attitude. I would say the same thing about Cam Newton, but I don't think his teammates care at all," said Jones. "I think they're much more frustrated with the way he played and not going after a fumble than the way he carried himself in a press conference."

Buy or Sell: Dante Scarnecchia would fix all of the Patriots' offensive line problems if he returns

"I sell that. I want him back and think he's better than Dave DeGuglielmo. But I also think it was a lot more than the offensive line coach as to why the offensive line sucked last year," said Jones. "A lot of it had to do with personnel, and Scarnecchia had a hand in the personnel that is here. The personnel ain't so hot. He'll help and is better than the last guy, but I sell that it's a cure-all and fixes everything on the offensive line."

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Buy or Sell: The Celtics have a chance to make the NBA Finals

"Sell. Zero chance, even if Danny Ainge goes out and adds DeMarcus Cousins or Al Horford or Dwight Howard or my guy, Danilo Gallinari," said Jones. "Even if they add those guys, they're not getting past Cleveland. Zero chance in hell at the NBA Finals; they could get to an Eastern Conference Final, but they're not getting through Cleveland."

Buy or Sell: Super Bowl 50 halftime show

"In general, I sell it. Who would buy that halftime show? But, if you take out the Coldplay part it was pretty good. If you take out Chris Martin spinning around in circles and whatever those colors were they were wearing... extract Coldplay, the Beyoncé and Bruno Mars part was pretty good. I'll buy it just because it was better than I thought," said Jones, changing his tune. "I thought it was going to be Beyoncé singing a Coldplay song and Bruno Mars would do the same thing. But they came out, did their own thing and left Coldplay off to the side. They let Chris Martin hang out with them at the end. I'll buy it. It wasn't good, but it was better than I thought."

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