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BU Researchers Studying How Marathon Bombing Affected Children, Teachers

BOSTON (CBS) -- How did the Boston Marathon bombing affect children?

That's the question posed in a study being conducted at Boston University's School of Education.

Researchers are surveying parents and teachers from Watertown and Framingham.

Watertown, because it was the scene of a violent shootout and manhunt and Framingham, because it has a comparable socioeconomic climate and can be used as a point of comparison.

Questions include whether or not you or your child witnessed or were injured in the bombing, whether or not you or your child knew victims of the event, what you and your child's experiences were during the manhunt and lockdown, how you processed the events with your child, and how you and your child have been feeling since the event.

The anonymous survey takes about 60 minutes. Respondents will be given an Amazon gift card for their time or they can decide to donate the compensation to the One Fund Boston.

To take the surveys:

Parent survey

Teacher survey

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