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Breer: NFL Possibly Waiting For Sponsor To Take On Cost Of End Zone Cameras

BOSTON (CBS) - 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher & Rich and the NFL Network's Albert Breer talked Friday morning about the rule changes discussed and voted on at the owners meetings in Phoenix this past week.

New England head coach Belichick was in a salty mood all week in the desert, and was reportedly even more perturbed when his rule change proposal to install end zone cameras in every stadium was shot down, just like his proposal to make all plays reviewable.

Rich suggested that the measures would have passed if any other coach in the league made the submittal, but because it's Belichick it gets voted no. Breer disagrees with that notion, because one of his ideas is actually starting to garner support around the league.

"Bill wants everything reviewable and that's actually starting to gain momentum. Last year when he proposed making everything reviewable, it sounded so off the board. This year it actually has started to gain some traction," Breer said on Friday. "People in that room listen to Bill. They may not like him, but people in that room listen to him."

In the interest of getting the calls right, we may not be too far off from seeing a league where every play is reviewable. Belichick's idea to make the extra points more challenging is also gaining traction, and some believe it's expected to pass next month and be implemented for the 2015 season.

But what about the boundary cameras? Belichick wants separate cameras -- not the ones used for TV broadcasts -- installed in every stadium to assist the officials, and provide different angles in an effort to get the calls right.

But the league is unwilling at this time to foot the bill to install these cameras -- why is that?

"I think the NFL is waiting for a sponsor to come in and take the cost off their hands, but that's just me," Breer told Toucher & Rich. "Look, generally when you see new rules go in or proposals, it will take a year or two. When the rules first come up, it goes through a discussion phase and takes a couple of years."

Breer is in lock step with the Patriots head coach in the desire to see the calls on the field be one hundred percent accurate.

"I've always said that you need to get it right. I'm with Bill on these rules. I think everything should be reviewable and I think there is a way to cut down on the delays that would cause. The cameras are a good idea because I think the priority is to be getting it right. Unfortunately that's how these things work at the league level."

Listen below to the full conversation!

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