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Boston's Best Jungle Gyms

Boston is chock full of playgrounds and parks for children and adults to enjoy. However, families looking for jungle gyms and climbing apparatus for their children to monkey around on will find the best in the city in a few select locations. These jungle gyms are big, have great locations and cater to a range of age groups. Check them out for a fun day that will definitely wear out the little ones.

Esplanade Jungle Gym
(Photo Credit: Esplanade Association)

Esplanade Playspace
376 Boylston St., Suite 503
Boston, MA 02116
www.esplanadeassociation.orgEsplanade Playspace has one of the best climbing structures in the city without a doubt. This beautiful jungle gym has a sturdy metal frame and strong ropes geometrically constructed for plenty of climbing space. There are even small platforms for kids to take a break at the top. Because it is on the Esplanade, it is also in the perfect location for other activities and has an amazing view.

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Boston Children's Museum
(Photo Credit: Boston Children's Museum)

Boston Children's Museum
308 Congress St.
Boston, MA 02210
www.bostonchildrensmuseum.orgOne of the biggest jungle gyms in the city also has the added advantage of being indoors. Kids can come climb on the Children's Museum's popular climbing structure any time of the year. The jungle gym is something of a maze, so it will keep them occupied for a while. Of course, admission is required, but it is well worth it and discounts are available at local libraries. This apparatus is three stories tall and impossible to miss when guests walk through the door at the museum.

Joyce Playground
(Photo Credit: City of Brookline)

Joyce Playground
Lyne Road and Union St.
Boston, MA 02135
www.visitingbrooklineplaygrounds.comJoyce Playground makes this list for having a small, safe and modern climbing apparatus for smaller children. This is where tykes can go to learn to climb like the big kids. Older kids can certainly climb it as well. This jungle gym has a metal frame and tires hanging in a tunnel in the center, which allows kids to crawl through or climb around the outside. The turf is soft and up-to-date, and the park even features a splash pad so kids can cool off in the summer after climbing around.

Bishop School Playground
25 Columbia Road
Arlington, MA 02474 School Playground has an updated climbing structure along with other playground equipment that features a "spaceball" climber, netting and a swing entryway. Kids can crawl in and around the structure and have plenty of space to climb. This particular jungle gym gives a lot of climbing area without too much height and is suitable for kids of most ages. The ground below is covered in wood chips for a soft landing.
Cambridge Jungle Gym
(Photo Credit: City of Cambridge)

Alden Playground
Sacramento St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
www.cambridgema.govAlden Playground features relatively modern play structures that were added back in 2006. Among them is a jungle gym with lots of personality. The frame is metal and goes all the way up to a large platform with a slide that lets kids who made it all the way to the top get down quickly in a fun way. The jungle gym also has rope netting on the walkway leading up to it and the structure itself, giving kids plenty of climbing area and a little instability to encourage balance.

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