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Boston's Best DJs

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The city of Boston has always taken a progressive stance on most everything. From planning an American Revolution to the revolutions per minute on a record spinning at the hands of Boston's most multi-talented and progressive DJs, our fine city has forever been full of forward-thinking artists. The nightlife in Boston combined with the music of local talent is nothing short of phenomenal. So take a peek at some of Boston's best DJs, and let's get this party started, shall we?

The Electronic DJs: Max Slate and Corey Hudson

Also referred to as the "Boston DJs," when performing together, Max Slate and Corey Hudson use the moniker "T.E.D.," or The Electronic DJs. These local artists are making a name for themselves, partly due to their unique flair, eccentric stage presence, creativity and willingness to be different for the sake of entertainment. The duo performs mostly electronic, house, lounge, industrial and techno music, but they've also been known to spin goth, EBM, dubstep and synthpop as well. If you're into dancing to house music and love the vibrations of a kick drum on the beat, these two are a must-see.

DJ Leah V

DJ Leah V received a 2011 Boston Music Award for Best DJ and has received tons of recognition and admiration from a male dominated DJ crowd. She has multiple residencies, including Milk & Honey at the Good Life, Shakewell at the Milky Way and An Tua Nua, so her fans have plenty of places to catch her spin. Her home base, ZuZu is where she can be found on Tuesdays. DJ Leah V is one of those barrier-breakers. An advocate for LGBT rights and marriage equality, DJ Leah V is not one to hide her own orientation, but prefers to be known for what she does and who she is––which is one heck of a great DJ. Leah will always keep the music flowing, eclectic and ever diverse; keeping it real with some deep house, funk, and even some good ol' trusty Top 40. You won't want to sit down, guaranteed.

DJ Times (Paul Dailey)

Paul Dailey is a Boston-based DJ who performs regularly at Rise in Boston, Phoenix Landing in Cambridge and the Sullivan Room in the Big Apple. Dailey has played alongside many top techno DJs at some of the biggest parties in the country. This DJ has an amazing discography, with EPs on labels from Holland, Japan, and Germany. He is talented, and when he takes off his DJ cap, he dons another one as a freelance journalist. For the past 15 years, Dailey has been a contributor and reviewer for numerous publications, including DJ Times. His love for this work enabled him to start an academy for DJs called DJ Mix Academy, the first of its kind in Boston. To add to his impressive resume, Dailey has been guest speaker at Harvard University's Extension School.

 DJ Nixx

She's not only incredibly beautiful, but she has also has an impressive resume to boot. DJ Nixx has been spinning and immersing herself in Boston's nightlife scene since 2005, and she shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. This young DJ started her career spinning at The Place in Boston, but is adding other venues to her repertoire. Be sure to catch her at her weekly residencies––Wednesdays at Red Lulu in Salem and Fridays at DOWN Ultra Lounge. Expect to hear a range of genres sure to please the collective music lover. From hip hop and top 40 to old school and R&B to dance and house, she'll be spinning something you're going to love dancing to.

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DJ Melee

This DJ has a reputation for being at the top of his craft, not only as a DJ, but a musical artist and entrepreneur as well. DJ Melee successfully co-created the Monism Music label, which was co-founded by MO7S, a DJ and artist known for spinning at festivals and heating up the dance floor. MO7S moved West, but luckily for us New Englanders, Melee stayed put in Boston. But Monism Music hasn't been the only accomplishment on this artist's impressive resume. DJ Melee was general manager of Satellite Records Boston and Mass Music, all the while juggling a resident DJ spot at the former Boston club, Avalon. He's also been regional director for the Red Bull Music Academy and recently launched label called Sturdy Recordings, which includes remixes by himself. The label promotes electro, techno, house and dubsteb music in a collection called "Tech Funk." You can catch DJ Melee performing at his resident spot,  Royale Boston.

DJ Braun Dapper

DJ Braun Dapper has been a staple on Boston's nightlife and music scene for nearly a decade, and he can be found spinning at the same club DJ Melee calls home, Royale Boston. He also performs with DJ7L under the name Blade Runners at various Boston hotspots. Whether you're into hip hop and reggae, love dancing to 80s music, or can't get enough disco, DJ Braun Dapper can spin something to get you moving. He has a great ability to conform his mixes to the crowd's tastes, which has made him a popular and sought-after DJ in the Boston club scene.

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