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Second Heatwave In Boston Possible, Heat Advisory In Place

BOSTON (CBS) -- There's no denying we are in the dog days of summer. Sunday kicked off what now is the second heatwave of 2019. The first one occurred just a week ago with Logan registering 90° or higher each afternoon from July 19-21. The 20 and 21 are set to be the warmest days of the month coming in at 97° and 98° respectfully. While those are absolute scorchers, both days fell shy of record temperatures.

2019 Heatwave records
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The impending hot streak has driven the National Weather Service to implement a Heat Advisory for parts of Massachusetts. This Advisory will be in effect through 8 p.m. Tuesday.

2017 Heat Advisory
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The major concern is the heat index, or in layman's terms the "feel like" temperatures. The combination or very high ambient temperatures (what it says on your thermometer) and high dew points, it will feel like 95-100° outside. Strenuous outdoor activity, like taking a run or mowing your lawn, should be held off for another day. In fact, it's best to stay in cool, air-conditioned areas. Be sure to keep tabs on your elderly friends and family as well as your pets. They'll likely be looking for the water bowl after being outside.

With such hot and humid conditions in place, it is possible for an isolated shower or storm to develop. While many areas will stay dry, some unlucky towns and communities could get hit with a quick gusty downpour and rumbles of thunder. A better chance of showers and storms will come Wednesday ahead of an approaching cold front from the west. This front will also bring some relief from the heat and humidity. Temperatures will likely be in the 80s for the last day of July, but depending on the timing of this front, it may remain sticky until Thursday when drier weather moves in. The end of the week looks much more comfortable.

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The WBZ Weather team will have updates on this heatwave so tune in to Danielle, Sarah, and Eric over the next few days!

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