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Boston Police release warning about drink spiking, ask victims to come forward

Boston Police issue community alert over spiked drinks at bars
Boston Police issue community alert over spiked drinks at bars 01:38

BOSTON -- Police in Boston say they are aware of numerous social media posts about drink spiking at bars in the city. 

Anyone who believes they are a victim of drink spiking should report the incident by calling 911 or reporting it at any police station, police said. 

Drugs such as Rohypnol, Ketamine, or GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) can be put in unsuspecting victims' drinks because they are scentless, colorless, and tasteless. These drugs can make people feel disorientated, confused, temporarily paralyzed, or unconscious. 

Sarah Yi of Worcester is glad there is more awareness about the drugs. "It hits close to home because me and a few of my friends have that experience before," Yi said. "It definitely hits very, very quickly. You're like is it just because I've had too many? or is it because something of else that is happening?"

Bars like Roxanne's on Boston's Beacon Hill are taking the initiative, training bartenders to spot the signs that someone has been drugged and teaching patrons what to watch for.

"Sinking ice, color change in their drinks," said bartender Felicia Boyce. "If they're feeling different then they should report it to a staff member immediately." 

Police are reminding bar patrons to use the "buddy system," don't allow someone you don't know to order a drink for you, watch your drink at all times, and keep your drink covered with your hand or something else when you're not looking. Test strips and nail polish that change color to detect certain date rape drugs exist. 

If you see someone who appears to be in distress, is wandering alone late at night, or dressed unsuitably for the weather, call police. 

This issue has been ongoing. About a month ago, Boston licensing officials were looking into a rash of incidents take took place during the winter.

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