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Boston Police Investigate Whether Customers' Drinks Were Drugged At Bars

BOSTON (CBS) - Boston licensing officials have been looking into a rash of recent incidents this winter when women said drugs had been slipped into their drinks.

"It's scary because people don't know what they're doing most of the time," said one man who wanted to remain anonymous, and said he was the victim of a "roofies" incident several years ago. "Woke up the next morning in my bed wondering what happened, and luckily I was in my bed."

Boston Police and the Boston Licensing Board are investigating what happened February 11th at the Hong Kong near Faneuil Hall, when a customer collapsed and tested positive for opioids. The same night at Legacy Boston, a police report shows a woman said she "…believed she was given some type of drug…"

Five days earlier at Sissy K's, the Licensing Board says a woman was rushed to the hospital. In a meeting Tuesday, a board member explained "Sgt. Gallagher spoke to a witness who reported the victim tested positive for roofies in her system."

And back in November at West End Johnnie's, a police report says, "two patrons…believe they were drugged."

In Cambridge, such incidents have bars like Grendel's Den putting up flyers in the restaurant and bathroom, warning customers to be careful. The bar also has testing strips for anyone who wants to check a suspicious drink.

The Boston Licensing Board met Thursday morning and determined that none of the Boston bars involved in the recent incidents was at fault. Bar owners say they're taking extra precautions anyway, training staff and reminding people not to leave drinks unattended.


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