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Runner Who Suffered Heart Attack During Boston Marathon Hopes To Come Back Stronger

BOSTON (CBS) - When professional runner Meghan Roth woke up in an ambulance on Marathon Monday, she was crushed. She learned she'd suffered a heart attack, eight miles into the race.

"It went from being devastated to oh my gosh I'm just so grateful to be here and be alive," Roth said. "It happened in seconds. I passed out. I don't remember hitting the ground."

One of the Good Samaritans who did CPR was an off-duty firefighter.

"The fact that I knew who this person was made it a lot more real," recalled Nick Haney, a fellow runner who'd met Meghan at past races.

"I was really, really, praying that she was going to be okay. At work you're not used to going on people we know or care about," he added.

After she was treated at Tufts Medical Center, Meghan is finally back home in Minnesota with the great love of her life - her son Jaxon.

Meghan Roth
Meghan Roth (WBZ-TV)

"He's the most special person in my life. I've never loved something so much. It's just the best. I'm so happy to be home with him. Oh Jax," she said.

And as for her second love - running - this girl is so far from finished.

"Even with everything that has happened, to hopefully come back stronger and be able to reach my potential," Roth said. "Hopefully be in the 2024 Olympic trials. It completely consumes my life, but I love it. There's nothing like running."

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