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College Students Find Trash, Broken Windows On Move-In Day In Allston

BOSTON (CBS) - A group of sophomore students from Boston University now have to spend their first night back at school at a hotel because of what they walked into Wednesday morning.

Six students were set to move into an apartment along Linden Street the day before classes were set to begin at Boston University. The apartment had holes in the wall, shattered glass on the ground from broken windows and trash throughout.

"We talked to the realtor yesterday, we said there's broken windows, broken doors, he said it would all be cleaned this morning and we got here at 12 and it looked like nobody even touched the place," student Ruedi Kafabach said.

City housing inspectors walked through the Linden Street apartment alongside Mayor Kim Janey.

Janey says situations like this is why they have more than 50 city inspectors come out every year to ensure places students are moving into are up to state sanitary codes and fire codes.

"This is why we have the team here; we will not tolerate that in the city of Boston our young people deserve to live in good housing," Janey said.

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