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Boston Customers On Guard After Credit Card Data Breach

BOSTON (CBS) -- Folks enjoying the night out Saturday said it's disheartening to hear about another major data security breach.

The Briar Group, a Boston-based restaurant organization that serves thousands of customers every month, says its investigating a credit card data breach. Right now, it's unclear how many people could be affected.

"It's unfortunate that people were breached," Boston resident Ben Beck said.

Briar Group, which runs a number of popular restaurants in Boston such as Ned Devines, City Bar, Green Briar and many others, says that the organization's system was hacked sometime in late October or early November. Fortunately, Briars restaurants do not accept personal identification numbers, so debit card information and accounts are not at risk.

Chris Camego is a security analysis with NTT Com Security. He said folks who may have been affected by the security breach should pay close attention to their credit card statements. "In many cases, these fraud cases are detected because the bank sees a pattern of fraud and they tie it back and say, 'Where is the common spot where all of these fraudulent cards were used at and let's contact them,'" Camego said.

The breach appears to have impacted people attending conventions at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Briar Group has apologized to customers and assured them that the breach has been secured.

"We are a culture of trust and we are learning that that trust can be broken," Boston resident Stephanie Beck said.

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