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Baby Bobcat Caught On Video In Wilmington

WILMINGTON (CBS) – A baby bobcat was spotted in Wilmington over the weekend.

David Lozzi said he was walking his dog by the middle school on Boutwell Street around 1 p.m. when he saw it. But at first he thought it was something else.

"I then saw what I thought, from a distance, was a dog standing in the road. It then ran across the street and I saw two smaller dogs chasing it. I thought wow coyotes!" he wrote in a Facebook post.

"Then I got to where they were and looked where they (came) from and saw a baby bobcat! Pulled the camera out where (I watched) it from there!"

wilmington bobcat
The baby bobcat in Wilmington, August 5, 2018. (Image credit: David Lozzi)

The video, now posted online, shows the baby bobcat in a tree looking down at Lozzi and his dog. No other bobcats were seen in the video.

According to MassWildlife, bobcats are the only wild cat now found in Massachusetts and they "rarely cause conflicts with human activities."

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