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Bill Would Raise Speed Limit To 70 MPH On Mass. Interstates

BOSTON (CBS) -- Would commuters like to get to work even faster?

A proposed bill sponsored by Rep. Dan Winslow would raise the speed limit to 70 miles per hour on stretches of the Massachusetts Turnpike, Interstate 91 and Interstate 95.

Right now, the speed limit is 65 on state highways.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens reports

Bill Would Raise Speed Limit On Mass. Highways To 70 MPH

"The majority of states in the United States, the maximum speed is 70 miles per hour," Winslow told WBZ NewsRadio 1030. "It's certainly possible to have the limit lower in congested areas but for the rest of us, let's go 70."

Winslow says the highways and cars are designed for higher speeds and the increase would not pose a risk to safety since many drivers are already going over 65 on the highway.

Winslow says there is now a "lawlessness" on state roadways where some police departments enforce the speed limit strictly at 65 while others after 70 miles per hour.

"At least 85-percent of vehicle traffic is already driving over 65," Winslow said.

Some drivers WBZ NewsRadio 1030 talked to said they would welcome the change but others said not so fast.

"Only an insane person would do something like that," one driver said. "Everything is way too fast, let's chill."

Winslow says he has asked the state's transportation committee to raise their speed five miles per hour to get the bill through the legislature a little faster.

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