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Bill Belichick Reportedly 'Working More' This Offseason Than He Has In Recent Years

BOSTON (CBS) -- Bill Belichick is 70 years old. Yet the leader of the Patriots has given no indications that he's slowing down.

In fact, he may be ramping up.

Albert Breer wrote about Belichick in his MMQB column this week, stating that the workload for Belichick has ticked up this year.

"Belichick still loves doing it. That much is obvious," Breer wrote. "I had someone there tell me that this offseason he's actually working more than he has in the recent past, which only speaks to the fact that, to borrow paraphrase an old Levy-ism, there really isn't any place he'd rather be."

Part of that is by necessity, as the Patriots lost personnel director Dave Ziegler, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, wide receivers coach Mick Lombardi, offensive line coach Carmen Bricillo, and quarterbacks coach Bo Hardegree. Yet the fact that Belichick's taken on the workload himself does indicate that the commitment is still there for the future Hall of Famer, who turned 70 over the weekend.

Breer noted that the familiarity of the program in year 23 allows Beichick some freedom to work from places like Nantucket, and that working with his two sons "allows him to spend an amount of time with them that most dads in their 70s would only dream of being able to get with their kids."

Breer also wrote that the motivation to catch Don Shula on the all-time win list and to prove he can with a championship without Tom Brady still drive Belichick.

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