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It's A Big Week For Patriots Fans, With Two NFL Films Productions Premiering On Wednesday Night

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's a routine that Patriots fans have grown used to over the years: Watch the team win the Super Bowl, celebrate all summer, and then enjoy some fantastic behind-the-scenes footage from NFL Films productions just in time for the kickoff of a new season.

And, with NFL Films set to debut two new features on Wednesday night, it's officially that time of year.

The celebration will begin at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Sept. 4, with the premiere of "Do Your Job Part III: Bill Belichick and the 2018 Patriots" on NFL Network. That film will be immediately followed by "America's Game: 2018 Patriots" at 9 p.m.

"Do Your Job" will be narrated by actor Morgan Spector and will feature breakdowns from head coach Bill Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

In a promotional clip for the film, McDaniels shares the following about Belichick: "One of the things that I'm so thoroughly impressed with Bill on is his ability to adapt and evolve. He said, 'If you keep holding on to what you'd rather be -- no-huddle, spread formations, 34 points a game -- then you're probably going to end up regretting a lot of things at the end of the year. What are we really good at? What's the most consistent part of our team offensively? Then you commit to it.'"

McDaniels explained how that approach came to life in the playoffs, when the Patriots rushed for nine touchdowns.

"We were adaptable," McDaniels said. "Tom [Brady], if he's supposed to hand it off 37 times and win that way then he'll do it. If we need him to throw it 52 times, then he'll do that too. It's the same way Bill is. Bill doesn't care if we have to win 43-40 or 13-10. The willingness to be able to do that is really a special trait."

"America's Game" will feature interviews with Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Devin McCourty and Jason McCourty, and it will be narrated by actor/wrestler/Massachusetts native John Cena.

"Whenever you're at the top like that, people just make up stuff saying that the Patriots dynasty is done," Gronkowski says during the film. "They've said it every year, and one year they will be right. But they've never been right yet."

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