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Best Steakhouses In Boston

"Picture this — you're stranded on a deserted island for one month when suddenly, a speedboat shows up out of nowhere carrying a meal. Sixty-one percent of Americans said they'd want a high-end steak as their first choice."The above scenario is an actual statistic that shows up on the Cattlemen's Beef Board and National Cattlemen's Beef Association website that pretty well illustrates America's love affair with a perfectly done steak. (And speaking of love affair, these steakhouses are the perfect setting for a fancy romantic date... like on Valentine's Day.)

And while Boston isn't necessarily known for the greatest steaks in the world, that doesn't mean you can't find some good ones around the city. Here are a handful of great steakhouses in Boston that are guaranteed to please.

The Locals:

Abe & Louie's Restaurant

The upscale steak house in Back Bay ages all of its steaks for about a month to make sure they're juicy, tender, and packed with flavor. The service is like you'd expect for a fancy steak house – impeccable.

grill 23
(Photo Credit: Grill 23)

Another great local institution with (you guessed it) all-natural, dry-aged beef. They've been in business for 25 years and have been able to withstand the test of time.

(Photo Credit: Davio's)

Born in Boston and recently expanded to a few other spots along the east coast, Davio's manages to compete with the top steak houses in town and is definitely worth a mention.

The Bigger Chain(s):

capital grille
(Photo Credit: Capital Grille)

There's a good reason the Capital Grille has close to four dozen locations nationwide. For starters, Capital dry-ages all of its steaks on the premises of each of its restaurants. They've obviously taken special care to make sure their tried-and-true reputation remains untarnished.

Other reputable national chains in Boston include: Ruth's Chris, Morton's, Smith & Wollensky , and Fleming's.

The Maybe-Not-What-You'd-Expect:

(Photo Credit: Tango)

Tango is an Argentinean restaurant in Arlington, just outside of the city. Argentinean steak, you ask? When we referred to America's love affair with beef, we meant ALL of America -- including South America. The rolling grassy plains in Argentina actually make for perfect cattle grazing. With that said, it should probably come as less of a surprise that Argentinians know how to grill. Tango has plenty to offer in terms of traditional and unique Argentinean cuisine, but it also knows how to do steak. The skirtsteak, the churrasco, and the bistek, or flank steak, are some of their most popular cuts.

The Holy Grail:

(Photo Credit: O Ya)

o ya - The name pretty much sums it up. The restaurant features an Aragawa-Style 8 oz steak for a whopping $190. O Ya's steaks are not for novice taste buds. We're talking about some of the fattiest, juiciest, most mouth-watering steak your palate could ever imagine.
And for those who are wondering, Aragawa is a Tokyo-based restaurant on the list of most expensive restaurants in the world – and it charges about double that price for one of its steaks.

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