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Phantom Gourmet: Great 8 Spots For Greek Food

Moussaka, pastichio, gyros and more. When it comes to delicious food, it's all Greek to me. These are 8 of the Greatest Greek restaurants that Phantom has found across the region.

Angelo's Palace Pizza
Cumberland, RI

Kicking off the Great 8 is Angelo's Palace Pizza. Located in Cumberland, Rhode Island, Angelo's is a 40-year-old, family run, neighborhood pizza shop offering classic Greek pizza and an extensive menu of all of your favorite apps and entrees. There are Greek inspired burgers, tender lamb lollipops, grilled chicken with homemade tzatziki sauce, and flaky spanikopita. But save room for dessert, because the baklava made by the family's matriarch is beyond tasty.

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West Bridgewater

Niko in West Bridgewater is a casual restaurant specializing in the authentic Greek foods you love and some amped up spins on the classics. There's everything from traditional meze platters with stuffed grape leaves, spinach pie, and loukaniko sausage, to some modern day dishes like a burger piled high with feta and cucumbers, a flight of Greek inspired tacos, and even Greek nachos served with 'Pico de Greeko' – made with fresh mint, oregano, feta cheese.


Another Great 8 winner is Committee. Located in Boston's Seaport District, this is a stunning restaurant serving a wide range of Greek and Mediterranean specialties. There are golden Zucchini Crisps, marinated lamb souvlaki, and a veggie version of Moussaka which layers artichokes, onions and potato with a three-cheese béchamel. For lunch, they offer both chicken and lamb gyros stacked with tzatziki, cucumber and tomato jam.


Gre.CO on Boston's Newbury Street is a fast casual Greek concept modeled after the gyro shops you find on the streets of Athens. The must order is the Classic, made with fresh-sliced pork shoulder and pork belly that's been marinated for 24 hours in Greek seasoning, slathered with garlicky tzatziki and topped the way you want it, all on house made pita bread.

The Feisty Greek

The Feisty Greek in Norwood is a casual family restaurant serving souvlaki, gyros, and pastichio, fast and affordably. Of course, they carry Greek salads, available in two different styles. There is the traditional "American style" Greek salad full of mixed greens and crumbled feta, but for a truly authentic salad, order the Horatiki – tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta cheese, olive oil and oregano.


Ithaki in Ipswich is an upscale Greek restaurant serving Mediterranean specialties, from tender lamb tips skewered over rice to a soul-satisfying crock of Moussaka. If you really want to light your taste buds up, there is nothing tastier than the flaming Cheese Saganaki. This pan-fried cheese is doused in alcohol and set on fire tableside.

Cambridge, Fenway

Saloniki in Cambridge and the Fenway is a healthy, street food inspired, quick service eatery specializing in Modern Greek food. There are rice bowls and authentic salads, tangy Greek yogurt, and crispy pita chips, homemade soups, honey-drizzled baklava crisps, and Greek fries tossed with oregano and cheese. But the sandwiches are definitely the star attraction. All are tasty and all can be made and in your mouth in minutes.

Gyro City
Brighton, Fenway

Rounding out the Great 8 is Gyro City. With locations in Brighton and one on Peterborough Street near Fenway Park, this is a neighborhood sandwich shop that cranks out hundreds and hundreds of authentic Greek gyros, just like they do back in the old country. It all starts with tender cuts of pork, stacked and slow roasted on a spit, then plunked into some warm, fluffy pita bread.

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