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Best Bars For Foodies On The North Shore

Foodies are everywhere and growing exponentially every day, and they need a place to eat. These days, just being a great local bar isn't always enough to survive, and many joints have taken to serving up five-star comfort food to go along with their beer and wine menus, ensuring that those with a discriminatory palate will have everything they need to tickle their taste buds. Everyone wins when good drink and good food meet, so here are five of the most recommended bars for foodies in the North Shore area.
62 Restaurant and Bar
(Photo Credit: 62 Restaurant and Bar)

62 Restaurant and Bar
Pickering Wharf
62 Wharf St.
Salem, MA 01970
(978) 744-0062

Although 62 Restaurant and Bar may not appeal to the foodies who also appreciate the oft-charming aesthetic of a dive, those who are seeking a slightly more elevated evening destination would do well in seeking out 62 Restaurant and Bar, which specializes in neo-Italian cuisine paired with just the right wine. Formal, distinguished palates and deep pockets are recommended for a visit to 62. This place isn't exactly cheap and casual attire is not encouraged. Everyone deserves to live a little, so why not venture a little outside the comfort zone?

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Grapevine Medierranean Kitchen & Wine Bar
(Photo Credit:: Grapevine Medierranean Kitchen & Wine Bar)

Grapevine Medierranean Kitchen & Wine Bar
26 Congress St.
Salem, MA 01970
(978) 745-9335

For a taste of the Mediterranean, Grapevine Restaurant in Salem, MA comes highly recommended for foodies who want an exotic, European tinge to their food and drink, and wouldn't mind some seriously attentive customer service while they're visiting. Grapevine's wine selection is the expected level of expansive, with prices catering to all budgets. The new and improved menu and attention to service have earned Grapevine a favorable reputation amongst both Salem citizens and tourists alike.

(Photo Credit: Dube's)

317 Jefferson Ave.
Salem, MA 01970
(978) 744-9531

Feeling something fried? Dube's -- continuing with a theme, also conveniently located in Salem -- is the place to hit. It is a seafood joint with that classic New England feel and decor and service that is both attentive and friendly. Sure, there are a bevy of options within both the North Shore and Merrimack Valley when it comes to classic, East Coast-style scallops, clams or fish and chips, yet Dube's delivers the fresh catch of the day in a manner which has endeared the establishment to discerning seafood diners clear across town.

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woodman's lobster
(Photo Credit: Woodman's/Facebook)

121 Main St.
Essex, MA 01929
(978) 768-2559

Another seafood dinner gem for foodies in the know, Woodman's is tucked away in the little town of Essex and has been fulfilling the need for fried, sea-faring goodness for years now. Most Essex townies are quite familiar with that warm, fuzzy feeling which permeates the tummy area after eating one of Woodman's fried clam plates alongside an ice cold beer. Foodies will find plenty to shout about after visiting this notable joint for the very first time. Of course, repeated visits also come highly recommended in order to sample all of the Woodman's menu.

The Farm Bar & Grille
(Photo Credit: The Farm Bar & Grille)

The Farm Bar & Grille
233 Western Ave.
Essex, MA 01929
(978) 768-0000

Also centered in Essex, The Farm Bar & Grille specializes in traditional American cuisine and classic, down home barbecue fare. Smoked pulled pork sandwiches and barbecue nachos rank high among The Farm Bar & Grille's casual, yet varied menu, while the mood, decor and setting provide a similarly relaxed atmosphere, perfect for putting down a few pints whilst enjoying some tried 'n true, stick-to-your-ribs comfort food, American style. Foodies with a taste for the traditional are advised to check out The Farm Bar & Grille for an uncomplicated, yet utterly enjoyable experience.

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