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Video Of Wellesley Boy Trick-Or-Treating In His Jeep Goes Viral

WELLESLEY (CBS) – A little boy in Wellesley went trick-or-treating in style, and now a video of him has gone viral with more than 12 million views.

Alex Chen's driveway is his personal speedway, and on Halloween, he took his Jeep trick-or-treating.

"My steering is very good," Alex, who is 4, going on 5, told WBZ-TV's David Wade. "And I drive backward – and full speed ahead."

Alex was caught on a doorbell cam skidding up to the front door in his Jeep, hopping out, taking just one piece of candy, spinning into a J-turn and driving back to his parents at the end of the driveway.

"So my boy loves driving," Alex's mom said. "I think from 3 years old … he can drive."

Alex Chen
Alex Chen, 4, loves riding in his Jeep in the driveway of his Wellesley home. (WBZ-TV)

Nick Cafaro and his wife had put out that bowl of candy to take their kids trick-or-treating, so the grabbing of goodies at their house was all on the honor system. Alex, with his one piece of candy, passed the test.

"We came back and we noticed there was still candy in the bowl and we wondered if any trick-or-treaters actually came when we were gone, and so I pulled up the app and I saw this and it was absolutely hysterical," Cafaro said. "We were having a great chuckle in the house over it."

Alex admitted he thought about taking a second piece of candy, but wanted to make sure he left enough for other trick-or-treaters.

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