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It Happens Here: Cohasset Man Overcomes Dyslexia On Way To Bread Bakery Success

COHASSET (CBS) – Just off beautiful Jerusalem Road in Cohasset, you can find the picturesque Holly Hill Farm.

And a young man virtually obsessed with bread.

"I think a lot about bread," 26-year-old Alec White told WBZ-TV.

He's been trying to perfect his sourdough and baguette processes, and he's gotten pretty close.

"They tell me they love my bread, which surprises me because I always think I can do better job. I can get better at my craft," he said.

The story of how Alec got here is pretty remarkable. He has severe dyslexia and didn't love traditional school. But he does love baking and has poured himself into that – going to culinary school, working at bakeries in Waltham and Brooklyn, and is now running his own fledgling bakery right in his parents' kitchen on the Holly Hill property.

He started by selling just a few loaves a week at the farm. But his bread has become so popular, he's now making sometimes more than 200 loaves a week, and the business is only growing.

"It just turned into something much more than I thought it was going to. I went to farmers' markets. I started my own website. I started selling at cheese shops," Alec said. Customers can now order directly from his website and pick up the order at a number of locations on the South Shore.

He's hoping – once the pandemic is over – to open his own cafe.

And he has a message for other kids dealing with learning challenges.

"Try to keep an even keel. Try to find something you love. And think about the strengths you have in life," he said.

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