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Rep. Moulton: America Needs To Prioritize Saving Lives As Taliban Takes Over Afghanistan

SALEM (CBS) -- Rep. Seth Moulton is calling for United State to help save lives in Afganistan.

"What's clear today is that it is still within the power of the United States of America to save thousands of innocent lives," he told reporters on Tuesday. "The lives of American citizens who are still cowering in basements in Kabul, trying to figure out how to get to the airport. The lives of people showing up at the airport gates with American passports and yet not able to on to flights. And of course, the tens of thousands of Afghan-American heroes, who put their lives on the line alongside our troops, not just for Afghanistan but for America as well. These men and women who risked their lives for us we promised to get. And right now they face slaughter by the Taliban as well."

According to Moulton, it is imperative the president makes sure that American citizens and allies are all evacuated, but he is concerned there is not enough time to get everyone out.

"Right now, America is putting a lot of hope in the idea that somehow we've found a kinder and gentler Taliban that won't conduct reprisal killings, that won't slaughter innocents because they've worked with America. I don't see any evidence in the last 20 years to believe that."

Moulton served four tours in Iraq.

He said the government's estimation that 20,000 Afghans will see refuge is too low.

On Tuesday, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said that the state is ready to help refugees from Afghanistan.

People have been reaching out to Moulton day and night in hopes that he can help get people evacuated. "It's heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking. You speak with these veterans who see everything that they've fought for evaporating in the blink of an eye because we just turned out backs and left. And then they're worried about these people that they know, these friends who they trusted with their lives who are facing imminent death and we can't get them out," he said.


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