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Aaron Hernandez Defense Team Praises 'Fair And Just Verdict'

BOSTON (CBS) -- Ronald Sullivan, a defense attorney for former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez, responded to the not guilty verdict by calling it a "fair and just verdict" and saying Hernandez was unfairly treated.

"We are extraordinarily thankful to the jury for taking the care that they took and the consideration that they took to come to the only fair and just verdict that was available," Sullivan said.

"Judge Locke made decisions that were fairly contrary to the law but we will never -- thank God -- have to take that up [with an] appeal because the jury was able to see through that," he added.

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Hernandez was acquitted of all charges with the exception of possession of a firearm without a license.

Hernandez Verdict
Aaron Hernandez reacts to the not guilty verdict in his double murder trial on April 14, 2017. (WBZ-TV)

Sullivan also praised the entire defense team for their hard work during the few months of preparation prior to the trial.

"This team worked diligently to ensure that an individual was not wrongly convicted," he said.

Despite the victory, Sullivan said, "This case, indeed, was a tragedy any way you look at it."

Sullivan stressed it was unfortunate that the jury was not able to see that Hernandez is "happy-go-lucky young man."

He hoped the verdict would also show that Hernandez is a good man that involved with the wrong people.

"This shows that (prosecution star witness) Alexander Bradley is the one that gets angry and goes around shooting up people in nightclubs," said Sullivan.

Lead defense attorney Jose Baez was not present at the verdict announcement due to a medical issue.

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