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A Cold But Comforting Day In Boston Radio

     I think WBZ Accuweather meteorologist Eliot Abrams had one of the best lines of day when he said to me this morning...."well Gary, you said it would be a cold day before you ever went back to work at 3 o'clock in the morning.  Gary, it is a cold day today....."

     When I walked out of that building at 1170 Soldiers Field Road in Boston almost exactly four years ago, I was positive it was done.   I proudly served in the most incredible Radio-TV News operation in the country (WBZ-WBZ-TV) for forty-three years.   I was afforded the warmest retirement send-off anyone could ask for, December of 2006 and I knew that was it.    Retirement!    Never again to answer a 3 a.m. alarm clock and for almost exactly four years, I remained true to my goodbyes.    So what did I do this morning?   Set the alarm for 3 a.m.......woke up in nervous anticipation at 2:15 a.m.... and trudged down the highway to the WBZ studios to start preparations for the 5 a.m. newscast. "Gary.....what in heavens name could you be thinking ?"

      Peter Casey...Director of News and Programming at WBZ...'THANK YOU." What a kick that was this morning.  Yes, I did some grumbling to myself as I drove Route One at 3 a.m. but when I hit the microphone switch to "ON" at 5 a.m......I knew I had done the right thing.    It all came back to me, it felt real  good, it was very reassuring for a man in his advanced :-) years and I'll cherish the opportunity (but only for four more days) to get off the (retirement) bench and take one more shot at the game I loved for a half century.

     It's now 2:15 p.m.    I'm in my jammies....going to take a nap.

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