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15-year-old, Jason Green, shot and killed in Brockton, 17-year-old arrested

15-year-old shot and killed in Brockton, 17-year-old arrested
15-year-old shot and killed in Brockton, 17-year-old arrested 02:13

BROCKTON - A 15-year-old was shot and killed in Brockton Friday afternoon. The Brockton Police Department announced they arrested a 17-year-old involved on Saturday.

Jason Benson Green was known as the funniest kid in the room with the biggest smile who left a mark on everyone who loved him.

"He was silly always had you laughing he was like Kevin hart pretty much," says Jason's Mom Pemi Benson who is in disbelief after police say her son was shot and killed along Lynn street in Brockton on Friday, around 3:30 p.m. shortly after school lets out.

"He loved dancing, playing jokes, music, rapping, drawing. He loved his little brother. I'm going to miss him," says Benson, who tells WBZ the most shocking part of her sons death is the person who shot her son was someone he considered a friend.

"Be mindful the people you call friends, be very mindful, because the person who shot him was actually his friend, be very mindful," says Benson.

Plymouth County Distract Attorney, Tim Cruz, took to social media to announce the arrest of a 17-year-old involved in the shooting.

"There shouldn't be kids touching guns there shouldn't be kids playing with guns, doing anything of this stuff," says Jason's older cousin Kamari Green who says he was supposed to spend time with Jason in the days leading up to his death, but never got the chance.

"I was just talking to him last week just talking about coming to see him eventually. I can't do that anymore. So It's just crazy everyone's here is just grieving. His brother is a baby he doesn't know anything. He's there wondering why everyone's here."

The 17-year-old involved has not been identified.

Police have not said whether the shooting was intentional or an accident, it's unclear who the gun actually belonged to if anyone.

Green's family is asking for donations to raise money for his funeral.

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