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Tony Nathan On His Time With The Ravens And The New Movie 'Woodlawn'

Tony Nathan is a former Ravens running back coach who has a new movie about his life 'Woodlwan'.

Tony joined Ed and Steve to talk about his time as a Ravens running back coach and the new movie about him called 'Woodlawn'.

Steve asked Tony what his thoughts were on the firing of head coach Brian Billick. Tony acknowledged that players weren't happy with the playing calling, especially in losses saying, "I think players lost trust in Brian, and management felt that it was time to move on. It was a mutiny basically. Players wanted him to run the ball more."

Ed asked Tony about being recruited by Bear Bryant. Tony mentioned that it was a huge deal to get recruited by him and even remembers what they had for dinner when he visited his house saying, "a lot of coaches came by and then he started to show up. He showed a great interest in me and convinced me that Alabama was the best place for me, and he ate raccoon with us for dinner."

Tony went on to discuss the upcoming film Woodlawn, his experience playing with Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino, and his experience being around Ray Lewis during his tenure as a coach with the Ravens.

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