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Steve Davis: You Can't Blame Breshad Perriman

I would say I am surprised by all the vitriol directed at Breshad Perriman, but, unfortunately, I am not. That doesn't mean I am okay with it or get it.

I feel really bad for the guy.  How can anyone not feel bad? It's not his fault he injured his knees. It's not the Ravens' fault either. I don't think their medical staff missed on him.  It's just the luck of the draw, or in this case, the lack of luck.  When I said on the show that I felt really bad for him, many people texted with similar messages: "How can you feel bad for him? He's rich," or "Why do you feel sorry for a guy making millions to sit around and do nothing?"

What does money have to do with feeling bad?  Does anyone really think he's thinking, "eh, who cares, I'm loaded." Perriman wants to play football. The money is great but are you telling me he wouldn't do it a fraction of what he's making.  Does anyone really think that the guys that made a hundred grand in the 1970's tried any less hard than the players of today because they made less money?  Sure, he has more financial security than the players did back then if they were hurt, but I am certain that is the furthest thing from his mind.

He's an athlete, a football player. All he wants to do is play.


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