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Rick Dempsey: Orioles Still Have "Good Young Nucleus"

MASN broadcaster and former Orioles Catcher, Rick Dempsey, joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to talk about the increasingly struggling Orioles.

Rick addressed the woes of the Orioles starting pitching throughout the year," Almost every one of our starting pitchers has gone through some kind of a funk this year." He went on and talked about the snowball effect of bad play. "They're not making good judgement on pitch selection. If and when we make an error its at the very wrong time of the game and it ends up costing us the game. As we watch it snowball through this ballclub you can certainly predict what the outcome will be."

It wasn't all bad news with Rick. He commented on the prospective future with what he calls a "young nucleus". "We still have the nucleus here. We've got some good young minor league people that are ready to come up and make a difference. We've got to make some changes somewhere but overall the nucleus of this team is still very strong."

Also in the interview, Rick shared a story from back in his playing days involving a hammer, an upside down mattress and Call Ripken Jr. You don't want to miss it.

Listen to the full interview here and don't forget to follow Scott, Jeremy and Rick on twitter: @ScottG2011, @JeremyConn1057 and @RickDempsey24


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