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Norris & Long On Machado: "I Don't Believe He's Re-signing Here"

The Orioles have lost 20 of their last 29 and have seemingly bottomed out in an ugly sweep at the hands of the New York Yankees, getting outscored 38-8 in the three losses.

Norris and Long talk about the Orioles woes, the upcoming MLB Draft and whether or not they see Manny Machado sticking with Baltimore.

On the topic of Manny Machado, who has been out the past few games, Rob Long says, "the longer the season goes this way, I'm more in the category of getting rid of Manny. I don't hate Manny, I don't. I love Manny Machado. I just, in my heart of hearts don't believe he's resigning here."

"Is it going to be a trade? You can't let him go to free agency. You can't let him walk," Rob and Ed both comment.

What do you think the Orioles should get for Machado?

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