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Naval Academy Freshmen Cap Off First Year With Sea Trials

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — The Midshipmen got muddy in Annapolis on Tuesday as Sea Trials started in the middle of the night, capping off a grueling plebes year for first-year U.S. Naval Academy students.

Sea Trials began at 2 a.m. and put plebes through 14 hours of obstacles and challenges that test strength, endurance and teamwork.

"This is awesome. It's like the culmination of plebe year," said sophomore Tom Dias.

It's awesomeness may depend on you who ask, and what evolution they face.

"Well, it's wet and sandy," A plebe said.

Every hour, every push-up- is a right of passage.

"Well all the adrenaline is kicking in so I don't exactly feel tired. It'll probably hit around lunchtime." said plebe Adrian Schalk.

From station to station, challenge to challenge, plebes face 14 hours of grueling exercises around campus.

"Couldn't have done it without my squad. You know they literally actually pushed me over those obstacles." said plebe Victoria Mitchell.

This is one of their final hurdles before the summer break.

Daniel Bailey, from west Baltimore, was pushing hour eight when WJZ caught up with him.

"I was feeling a little tired after that first evolution, but my teammates got me back in there, company majors supporting, laughing." Bailey said.

Laughing through the exhaustion is part of what makes it such a memorable accomplishment.

"I think what makes it so fun is the fact that it's hard and it's something you're all going through together." said junior Caroline Ascherl.

The last big challenge of plebe year is the Herndon climb next week. But summer break for many of them means more training.

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