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Mo Gaba Inducted Into The Orioles Hall Of Fame

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- By now, every sports fan in our city knows who Mo Gaba was. But a new honor given to him by the Orioles is making sure his legacy stays in this city forever.

We've seen Mo Gaba become a lot of things in this city from Radio host to police lieutenant. Now you can add Hall of Famer to the list.

He dazzled us with his spirit. He inspired us with his strength.

Mo Gaba's induction into the Orioles Hall of Fame Friday doesn't mean his legacy stops. It's just getting started.

The 14-year-old who battled cancer until his last days in 2020 inspired even the giants we all look up to in this town from Lamar Jackson to Trey Mancini.

Alongside JJ hardy, Joe Angel and Mike Devereaux, Gaba's spirit is cemented with the greats -- right where he belongs.

A year after his death, he's still looking over his city. For Mo Gaba will always and forever be Baltimore.

Sonsy Gaba continues to show strength. She'll always have a relationship with the Orioles. She attended a game on July 28 and cancer survivor, Trey Mancini, hit a home run and pointed up to her in the crowd.

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