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Maryland Prepares For The First Major Snowfall Of The Year

BALTIMORE (WJZ) --  With Maryland's first major snowfall of the year in the forecast, Governor Hogan has activated a government-wide response as the storm could have a significant impact on roads and transportation systems.

It's smooth travels right now and transportation crews here locally at the state level are trying to keep it that way.

This time around crews are unable to treat the roads ahead of time because of the rain we're expecting.

But officials know that could change at any time overnight and say they're ready for anything.

A mild winter day is expected to turn into snow overnight.

"I am excited. It is January, I don't think it will last very long because its been so warm but it will be good to see," said Sherry Parker, who lives in Baltimore.

Transportation officials are keeping a close eye on the skies and the roads in anticipation of Maryland's first major snowfall of the year.

"We just have to be prepared (but to) we're going to be prepositioned in areas that once we start to see the precip start, we're going to be out treating the roadways," said Charlie Gischlar, Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration.

As a storm system makes its way into our region, wintery weather is in the forecast for Baltimore and areas to the south starting Sunday night.

"This is going to be kind of a tough storm in a way, there's going to be period of very heavy snow south and east mostly," said Gischlar.

Mdot officials says all hands are on deck and crews are ready to treat major roads and interstates for any potential impacts.

"We will not be able to anti-ice the roads in advance, you know the pre-treat the squiggly lines, you see, because it's going to start as rain," said Gischlar.

Rain is expected to turn into snow Monday morning making for hazardous driving conditions during Monday morning's commute.

"I've done my grocery shopping, so I'm not going to be driving," said Parker.

Officials are urging caution on the roads.

"Remember, it only takes a degree to separate a wet roadway from an icy roadway, that's why we're going to be really out there patrolling," said Gischlar.

While some Marylanders don't expect too many disruptions to their plans, others are hopeful for some friendly weather.

"No we're not getting no snow, we live in Maryland come on," said Jaime Morgan, who lives in Maryland.

"I'd rather have the snow than the rain," said Parker.

To stay up to date with the statewide transportation operations you can go online to roads.Maryland.Gov



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