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Live! Casino & Hotel Executive Chef To Appear On Chopped July 2

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Known as "Jay-Z of the kitchen", Baltimore-area chef said he's ready to bring a Baltimore vibe and energy to Chopped when he appears on the show on July 2.

Chef Edward Evans is the Executive Chef at Live! Casino & Hotel. The Baltimore native has been with Live! since 2014.

Chef Ed photo
Courtesy: Live! Casino & Hotel

He got his "Jay-Z" nickname because of what Live! calls his talent at freestyling with dishes, and he's a huge Jay-Z fan.

"Everyone knows that he and I share the same birthday, and he was known for not writing down lyrics just writing down his experiences, my food is the same way, it's the Baltimore life and experiences that I express in the kitchen," Evans said.

As confident as he is, he said he didn't expect to have butterflies in his stomach while competing on the show- but he did.

"I'm a pretty confident guy, but the nerves got the best of me for sure," He said.

Evans is a graduate of Baltimore International College. He lives in Anne Arundel County with his wife and three children.

He said while there aren't any public watch parties happening the night the episode airs, he will be doing some "door dashes" and popping in on loved ones and people around the city.

Evans said he wants people to know how much he loves the city that raised him, and he's "extremely proud" to represent them on the national stage in a positive way.

He said he wants to make a difference in the City, give back to the community and at the end of the day it's not about winning or losing on the show for him, but inspiring others.

"If I can inspire one kid who feels like they had my story, make them feel like they could make it then I've absolutely done my job that is truly the real win," Evans said.

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